Welcome to the King’s Realm.

King Ire, the High King the three kingdoms and warrior amongst men, had fallen ill to an ancient sickness. Not even the doctors or mages could find a medicine that could truly mend his pain. He sat for weeks on end within his chambers as his two sons, Prince Gregor and Prince Morell, fought for control over the throne when his father passed on. Prince Gregor wished for the return of the old ways and old gods while Prince Morell wished for science to take control over the land and rule his people through the advancement of their civilization. A civil war began with the Norther Kingdom siding with Morell and the eastern kingdom with Gregor while the central kingdom stayed neutral, avoiding as much conflict as possible while also providing supplies for both sides.

Deep within the forests of Westmere stood a colony of fae like creatures. They whispered of the poisoning of the king and the conspiracy of a false prince.

A group of adventurers have been chosen amongst the stars to make the choice for the realm. It is their destiny alone that could save the world as they know it or cause the destruction of all.

The Shadow Wall